What Are the Benefits of Using Event Rentals At Your Event?

Planning an event is super exciting and gives you complete control. However you envisioned the event to look and feel, you can make it come to life. With everything under your control, there are also a few responsibilities that come with the job of hosting.  For starters, you have to plan everything...
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Everything You Need to Know About Using Event Rentals

A large chunk of planning for a party is figuring out the decorations, the furniture, and meal supplies. You have to consider where to purchase each item, how many of each item you need, what you want the theme to be, and how you plan to set up the party. All of this...
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Here’s How Tent Rentals Can Make Your Life Easier

Throwing an event is a time-consuming task that sucks up all free time temporarily. And while it's always worth it, it doesn't need to be so stressful. There are ways to delegate and make your life easier. One way our team at Sunshine Tents & Event Rentals can help make your life easier...
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